Feb 17-19: This Week in Movies

While there were no huge movies released this weekend, The Great Wall, Fist Fight, and A Cure For Wellness debuted. Let’s see how everything fared this week (new releases in bold)!

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie ($34.225 million)
  2. Fifty Shades Darker ($20.997 million)
  3. The Great Wall ($18.079 million)
  4. John Wick: Chapter 2 ($16.500 million)
  5. Fist Fight($12.015 million)
  6. Hidden Figures ($7.100 million)
  7. Split ($7.038 million)
  8. A Dog’s Purpose ($5.561 million)
  9. La La Land ($4.500 million)
  10. A Cure for Wellness ($4.200 million)


While all 3 new releases made it into the top ten, none of them did necessarily well. It is interesting and nice to see that La La Land and Split, some of my favorite movies so far this year, are still hanging into the top ten, despite being out for a few weeks!



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