Logan Review

Since I was a kid, I loved the X-Men movies, and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was always my favorite character. As the films progressed, however, they became more campy and cheesier; the serious tone that made them special in their Genesis was nearly gone…

Then I saw the first trailer for Logan, the film that fans had known for years would see Jackman’s last turn as the character, and the trailer alone evoked emotions I had never felt from a comic book movie.

The film follows an aging Wolverine, a man who once was able to heal from anything but is now in pain with every step, who must protect a mysterious young girl while caring for his ailing father figure. Logan, unlike any “superhero” film (aside from possibly Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight), is a human drama first and a comic book film second.

After going to two showings, both of which resulted in more tears than I would like to admit, I cannot find any true flaws. The film is an emotional ride that earns every emotion and every moment, and I would be surprised if it is not at least in the running for Best Picture, Best Actor (Hugh Jackman), and Best Supporting Actor (Sir Patrick Stewart) at the next Academy awards. Overall, this film sets a high bar for the rest of the year and has earned a 10/10.


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