Wait, you get free what?!

img_0772-jpgThere is nothing easier to bond over than a love of movies, so when Mallory and I met, we instantly became great friends. Mallory is a junior MACO major who also now works at the AMC Theater in Houma, and it is clear that the job is a perfect fit. Our little friend group easily bonded over geeky obsessions with Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, etc.

We also bonded over movie trips, and though they were infrequent at the beginning, eventually our group was going watch a film a week. We were spending so much money on movie tickets (I know because I would always get money back on my rewards card) that anyone who didn’t know us that well would think our group would slow down with movie-going. Then Mallory got a job at the theater, and it opened a whole new world for us.

One day right img_0774after she got the job, I got a text in all caps from Mallory just reading “FREE MOVIES!!” She then explained that workers at AMC Theaters get complimentary passes to see any movie for free! I remember our mutual friend Laura commenting about how happy she was that Mallory found a place she enjoyed working… and while I was most definitely happy for her, I may have been equally or more excited for the opportunity to
score free movie tickets.

Soon, we began to go watch even more movies than before, sometimes watching the really great films three, four, or even five times (looking at you Star Wars), and there is honestly nothing better than being able to bond with your friends over the love of movies, especially if there’s a way to see them for free.

Mallory’s Interview